Thursday, February 6, 2014

Harold Reynolds Season 28 Open Teams

NL East
New York Franchise
#1 Overall Draft Pick
This franchise willl be a true rebuild.  The previous owner had to be remoeved for questionable decision making that was detrimental to the franchise.  The New York Franchise had a horrific 46-116 record last season and will likey take 2-4 seasons of rebuilding to become competitive once again. If you are looking for a team to literrally build from the ground up here is your chance.

NL South
Little Rock
#13 Overall Draft Pick
This franchise is just a move or two away from being a contender.  With the right guidance they can easily surpass last seasons 79-83 record and quickly be turned into a winner. Young slugger Joey Acosta Should anchor the offense for many seasons to come.  There is also a lot of cap flexibility so the incoming owner can put his or her own stamp on the team right away.

AL North
Milwaukee Franchise
#12 Overall Draft Pick
This Franchise is also a move or two away from contention who finished last season at 74-84.  This is another team with quite a bit of cap flexibility and also has a bonafide superstar on the roster in 32 year old RF Junior Castilla.  Castilla is a lsugger who can also run very well with 482 career home runs and 326 career stolen bases.  Castilla has had 10 consecutive seasons with 39+ home runs 25+ steals and 100+ rbi with a career avg of .289. With the right ownership Castilla could add a WS ring to crowded trophy case.

AL West
San Jose
#6 Overall Draft Pick
Finishing 65-97 last season things are not quite as bad in San Jose as they might seem. With only 30 Million on the books for season 28 there is a lot of cap room to make some waves in the offseason.  This ballclub has a young slugger in his prime in 28 year old LF Pedro Bonilla. Bonilla hits 30-40 homers per season and will likely do so for many seaosns to come.  Starting Pitcher Alejandro Franco has a career record of 164-95 and a career era of 3.43.  He still managed to go 27-17 the past two seasons despite playing on a team that went 137-187 in that same timespan.  With the right moves and a shrewd draft pick at #6 a new owner can come in and make wave with this club right away.

AL West
#4 Overall Draft Pick
Finishing 61-101 last season Vancouver Had a rough go of it.  However the talent of young lefty Steven Martin is no joke.  Martin has maybe the best four seam fastball in all of world Harold Reynolds that he throws at a great velocity.  He also has a very solid slider and mixes in the occasional Change Up.  This is another club with good flexibility under the cap and should be able to make a quick turnaround with the right management.  

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